A group of determined people laid down the foundations of Initiative for Human Prosperity (IHP) to work for bringing a positive change and human prosperity in the society during 2012. IHP is registered in 2012 under the Societies Registration Act (XXI of 1860), Pakistan. IHP is Non-Governmental, Non- Profit and Non-Religious organization working for uplift of neglected communities of South Punjab, Pakistan through diversified interventions in the fields of education, health, livelihood, shelter, WASH, peace building, children development and youth development.

Our Objectives

To work for eradication of child & Bonded Labor

To work for Child focused development.

Enabling youth to access to economic resources/opportunities

Creating and supporting Income Generation Activities

Developing capacity of Youth through Skill Training

Promotion of Sustainable Livelihoods

Promotion of Food Security through Agricultural and Livestock development

Promotion of education at grassroots level

Promotion of Preventive and Curative Health Care with special focus on women and children

Promotion of Human Rights with special focus on women

Responding to emergency situations for relief & recovery

Working for peace building & tolerance in the society

Our Mission

IHP will work for eradication of poverty from the society.

Our Vision

IHP seeks to achieve such a world where everyone will have equal access to individual, social, economic, and political rights.

Projects Delivered

CEO Message

I feel immense pleasure to be part of IHP as we have a dedicated and determined professionals who are aimed at easing the lives of those citizens and communities who are neglected and deprived of a rightful living standard, through diversified interventions in the fields of shelter, livelihood, education, health, children development, youth development, women development, WASH, peace building and so many others.

If I look back, five years ago, IHP was a struggling child, trying to stand on its feet but now it has grown up and is not only able to walk but to run with great stamina because IHP has gained confidence of its stakeholders including citizens, communities, donors, other NGOs and Government by successfully implementing a series of projects that were need of the communities with great hard work, enthusiasm, and transparency. I acknowledge that it all was not possible without team efforts. I congratulate my team for enabling IHP to get through this stage and appreciate their efforts and enthusiasm.

I am sure, during coming years, IHP will grow more and more to serve the communities in more better way.

Imtiaz Akram Wahla
Chief Executive Officer
Initiative for Human Prosperity

Ms Sadia Nawaz Cheema

Project Director

Mr Malik Muhammad Ashraf Sangi

Program Manager

Dr Muhammad Ismail

General Sectary

Mr Fida Hussian

Finance Sectary